A beautifully embossed conky
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I feel finally comfortable enough sharing my conky!

Here is what it looks like :

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It is coded entirely in lua, using cairo bindings.
Everything is displayed using transparency, so you can use it with your own background. Light, homogeneous backgrounds are preferred.

Conky needs to be compiled with at least lua and cairo enabled, as can be found in the conky-lua package in the AUR


To install, clone in ~/.config/conky/, or the directory of your choice.
If you chose another directory, you’ll have to edit the conky.rc file and change this line with your custom path:

lua_load = '~/.config/conky/conky.lua',


You can change the startup options of conky in conky.rc, though be careful as many of them are used to compose with the actual desktop background.
The most important value to set is your screen resolution:

minimum_width = 1920,
minimum_height = 1080,

In conky.lua, you have to set some values specific to your system:

nbCPU = 4
FSs = {"/", "/var", "/home"}
ladapter = "eth0" -- eno1
wadapter = "wlan0"
ntop = 10
  • nbCPU is your number of CPU/threads
  • FSs is a list of the filesystem mountpoints you want to monitor
  • l/wadapter are the names of the different network interfaces you want to monitor
  • ntop is the number of processes you want to display in the top widget

You can go further in customization and place the widgets wherever you want on the screen, set the color used for the bars, the font face and size, etc.
Note that the font size is (crudely) automatically determined depending on your screen height and options.
All the functions used to draw bars, history plots, embossed regions or text are available to play with.


Run with

conky -d -c ~/.config/conky/conkyrc